The Weeks after Badminton

By Jacky Green Equestrian Media

After the heady excitement of Badminton it was back to the day job for Rebecca and she was out hacking and schooling on the Tuesday morning at Mere Farm.  With a couple of weeks gone by the reflections are as ever, with Rebecca, positive.  “Rupert really could not have jumped better”.  At the time Rebecca was disappointed in her dressage score but in hindsight, again, she is pro active about it, “We have just got to keep putting our selves in that atmosphere” .  Being able to look at the good bits and enjoy them and analyze the bits that did not go to plan and take something from them is what marks out the professionals from the also rans.  It is also why Rebecca and Rupert managed a top 12 placing at their first Badminton and a coveted Bronze Horse Trophy.

The same kick on attitude appears to be dictating the rest of 2013 for Rupert and Rebecca.  Whilst it may be tempting to be conservative with the fall plans and just hold out for the Spring prior to WEG Rebecca plans to take Rupert to Burghley, arguably the toughest 4 star in the World.  “Rupert came through Badminton really well” she enthuses and adds “I am here in England to learn, get better and be competitive at the big events”.  It’s a brave move but undoubtedly Rebecca is right.  We all know it can go just as wrong when you try and “save” a horse and who knows when she will have another chance at Burghley so that’s the next big one for Rupert.

Rupert aside (Yes, there is another part of Rebecca’s life!) the last couple of weeks have been hectic.  Ready, the loyal canine companion (except when it comes to hacking) and Rebecca have moved out of Maizey Manor Farmhouse and into the urban streets of Marlborough.  Not that she is sleeping on the streets I might add, but into a town flat with Kiwi’s Cam and Darnelle Price.  As Rebecca says, “I seem to be surrounded by Kiwi’s here in England” but hey, they are a pretty great group!

The parents made the long trip over and as ever were amazing, meeting lots of Rebecca’s new friends and hosting a great birthday supper at Coles which was attended by….allot of Kiwis.  To break the pattern Sinead Halpin came over on a flying horse shopping visit which involved endless hours trundling the length and breadth of the country looking at various ponies which also meant late nights catching up drinking wine!