Summer is here (It even comes to England!)

Jacky Green Equestrian Media

Wow, what a month!  Without doubt a brilliant Barbury but the last few weeks have seen Rebecca doing a bit of globe trotting as well as prepping Riddle Master (Rupert) for his CIC*** outing and riding numerous horses at Mere Farm.

Confidential (Joey) is living up to his name and is off the radar at the moment as his future as an event horse remains in doubt.  After his completion at Mattingley last month his appearance at his next event was entertaining to pretty much everyone except Rebecca so it’s looking unlikely he will be on the team just yet.

Rory went along to Salperton for the experience and was very well behaved in his first British Eventing setting.  Rupert was out for his first run since Badminton and rather inexplicably (or perhaps not in hindsight!) reverted to a spooky baby and acted more like Rory than a Badminton horse!  Gawping at the fences and google eyed at the water he picked up his first 20 penalties since his Novice days!  Leaping in the car after her cross country round to head to the airport and a flight to Canada Rebecca had plenty of time to analyze her day and came to the conclusion that for most of Rupert’s life she has been at a base where she can play with cross country fences every week and that she should have schooled Rupert before she headed out again.  Rupert =1 Rebecca= 0.  Rupert must have been dead chuffed he is still capable of prima donna behavior!

Next up was the British Columbia Young Rider Camp at the Beautiful Dot Ranch, Merritt BC.   Rebecca sweltered in 38 degrees and taught along with 3 other instructors to accommodate the 56 keen kids that attended.   In True BC fashion all were camped out in remote country, with a river to bath in and void of any cell reception!  Long days of teaching were definitely reworded by the enthusiasm and hunger to learn from these Young Riders.  Trips back to the stomping grounds that Rebecca grew up riding on are very enjoyable, but so important as a pass on of knowledge and inspiration and for these up’n comers.

Arriving back in the Uk at lunchtime on the Tuesday before Barbury saw Rebecca loading up Rupert for some cross country schooling and water practice before the weekend.  Jonelle Richards had been riding Rupert at home so with the xc box ticked all looked good.  Rupert was pretty excited to be at Barbury as he is a great one for the big time occasions and on his first ride on Friday morning looked more like a brumby than a polished event horse!  By the time his test came around in the afternoon he looked fantastic and produced a mistake free and flowing test for 42.  Saturday afternoon, in the glorious sunshine and in the rising heat saw Rupert jump an immaculate clear round that boosted them up the leaderboard into the top 10.

With two huge sections of CIC*** to run Rebecca had to wait until after 5pm to go cross country.  The course had caused plenty of problems as well as some great rides so more deliberation by Rebecca resulted in running Rupert back in the snaffle as the Pelham at Salperton had almost seemed too much.  Rupert simply stormed round, fast, accurate, brave and with just 3 time penalties picked up a podium placing for 3rd prize, just behind Clarke Montgomery and Piggy French.

Rebecca commented at the press conference that she wanted to expose Rupert to more atmosphere and she certainly got that at Barbury!  With Prince Rupert’s diva personality tempered by Rebecca’s patient approach to outsmarting him and staying a step ahead they make a formidable partnership.  The road to Burghley is ahead but no doubt it will not be a flat highway – but more like a hilly trip round the mountains!