RHE is assisted by, and endorses many of the sports industry leaders. Rebecca applauds sponsor commitment to innovation in product & design that not only enhance the health, comfort, safety and performance of horses everywhere, but provide invaluable support to RHE. Thank you.

Keyflow Feedskeyflow_stage3c5

Redefining Equine Nutrition

“My horses have delivered their top performances on Keyflow Feeds & Supplements.  Involvement with this company is exciting and rewarding as they tap into the best of current science and research.”

When you open a bag of Keyflow, you are investing in correct, balanced nutrition that is delivered in it’s most digestigle form.  Formulation and technical support is provided by Dr. Ray Biffin from Austrailia in partnership with Dr. Catherine Dunnett from Great Britain.  These two nutritionists are acknowledged as some of the brightest minds in the global equine scientific community.

Voltaire Saddlesvoltaire_2

Innovation is our Motto

“I ride in their Adelaide Dressage Saddle and Show Jump in the Lexington”

Innovative and decidedly chic, Voltaire Design specializes in upscale custom saddles. Recognizable by our blue striped gullet, Voltaire Design saddles are made in France with the finest French leathers and are infinitely customizable

Gatehouse Helmetslogo-gatehouse-copy

When Only the Best Protection will Do

Has been making some of the best riding hats in the world for over thirty years, with the largest collection of Snell E2001 and PAS O15 2011 hats on the market.


Saddle Pad Supplier to the Canadian Eventing Team

sponsor_ECOGOLD“The technology of Ecogold products is truly in a league of its own. I use and love the saddle pads for every phase.”

ECOGOLD is a leader in technology and innovation with high-technology saddle pads and horse boots designed to improve the horse’s protection, comfort and safety.

  • Non-slip protection for a safer ride!
  • Faster moisture evaporation with 100% breathable, hypo-allergenic fabrics
  • Ultimate impact protection with a combination of shock-absorbing technology
  • Reduced friction, rubbing and pressure points
  • Entirely machine-washable, do not shrink



For the Ride of Your Life

“Being fair skinned, Fits shirts is a mainstay of my working wardrobe because of the great sun protection they offer along with their comfortable fit.”

FITS, is a maker of breeches, jackets and shirts based out of Portland, Oregon USA. They are best known for their technical innovations that attract top level riders requiring fabrics that stretch, breathe and above all…fit. Rebecca has worn FITS for several years – first drawn to the built in UVA protection of the shirts, then staying with them for the comfort and the style.


Improve Hay. Improve Health. Improve Performance

“The HAYGAIN system is an easy addition to my barn routine. I love HAYGAIN because the horses love it and eat every bit of their hay. Steamed Hay is clearly nutritionally superior to any other forage I could possibly offer them. My horses work very hard for me, & it only makes good sense for me to eliminate their exposure to harmful allergens through the use of this easy to use system.”

The benefits of steaming hay in terms of improved respiratory health, palatability, less wastage, and easier handling have long been a part of the  RHE program.

Hit Air – LR Equestrian

Don’t leave the start box without one!

The use of air vests is a significant safety development for Event riders preventing or minimizing injury due to falls. My Hit Air vest is simply as essential a piece of rider equipment as a helmet & boots.

  • Protects rider neck, torso, hip and spine
  • Air bag inflates (away, rather than into the chest) in .5 seconds
  • Long standing use, testing & research of technology in the motorcycle industry

Omega Alpha

Natural Supplements for Horses

“I am very lucky to be pared up with Omega Alpha. They are a great resource with regards to the health of horses & their products have definitely aided in the success and happiness of my own horses. I am especially pleased with the results of the Gasto FX supplement. The horses love the taste of the supplements making it a breeze to administer… in fact would drink it out of the bottle if they could!”

Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a 100% Canadian Owned and incorporated in the province of Ontario, Canada Manufacturing since 1991, they provide products for Equine and Human Health
Omega Alpha only utilizes herbs supplied in their whole and uncut form as a means of verifying quality and identify of the plant.

Final Product is then tested for quality by Omega Alpha’s own laboratory, as well as being submitted for objective testing to independent laboratories.

megan king equine physiotherapy finalMegan King Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for performance

“I’m sure having Megan’s hands on Rupert every week helped to keep his muscles feeling good as his workload increased as we prepared for the Olympics and gave me confidence that he really did feel as good in his body as I thought he did from the saddle”, Rebecca explains.

Chartered veterinary physiotherapist Megan King works closely with all of the horse’s in Rebecca’s program as part of a multi-disciplinary horse health team. In the lead up to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Megan worked with Rebecca’s top-ten finishing horse, Riddle Master, ‘Rupert’ on a weekly basis to support him through his preparation and conditioning for the games.