Competing & Training

Competing and Training

Rebecca Howard Equestrian is actively seeking additional horses to compete & train in the UK.

Rebecca Howard will improve your horse’s confidence and “understanding of the job” at all levels of performance. Your horse’s skills can be showcased internationally and locally.

Rebecca employs a system of progressive fundamentals to every equine athlete she works with, drawing on her experience at Major Games and competing at advanced levels, as well as her work with race horses, polo ponies, starting “babies” and development of many young horses through the ranks.

Your horse’s education is conducted both from the ground and in the tack with considerable emphasis on ground rules and structured problem solving “on their own” in a round pen or on a line.

Communication updates and collaboration with for owners is a key feature of Rebecca’s approach, as a means of helping to establish goals and timelines for the equine athlete, as well as ensuring owner participation and involvement in the development of their horses.