Rupert Update

It appears this will not be Rupert’s year – regretfully he will be spending the English summer resting instead – which put us out of WEG contention and further competition plans for 2014.  We were indeed victims of this year’s badminton course.  When we hit the back rail of that oxer early on course Rupert sustained an injury that (in hindsight) is what caused our trouble later on course and resulted in our day ending at the Mirage Pond. His prognosis is all positive which is great,  he is just in need of a little time and rest. 

This is of course the reality of  the sport we are in and the ups and downs that comes with horses.  I wish we were able to do more to help with the WEG effort,  I can only wish team Canada the very best (bon chance!) in France this summer.

Rup and his (Tim's) chickens!

Rup and his (Tim’s) chickens!

Thank you to the many sending  cheer and support in our direction, it is always greatly appreciated. Rup and I will be doing what it takes to come back stronger and better in 2015.  Being the little fighter that he is he is equally dismayed over this turn of events, but for now he gets to spend some quality time with Tim’s Chickens….who by association…are some pretty famous chickens right now!

Reb and Rup