Rupert update Autumn 2016

rebecca_rupertcropMeanwhile, in the paddock at Rosegarth…

Though Rupert jet-sets around the world more than your average bear, only his safe return and adventures in the paddock seem to make it into the blogs.

To recap 2016, Rupert had a busy spring and early summer season preparing for the Olympic Games in Rio, travelling to Germany and throughout the UK for training and competitions. Rupert showed real grit and determination jumping clear cross-country and absolute class in the showjumping to finish individual tenth in Rio. Go Rup!

But professionals like Rupert aren’t fazed by championship success and he seemed more impressed with the height of the grass in his paddock back at home, trotting away to dig in the sand in his favourite rolling spot a mere 24-hours after leaving his stable in Rio.

Fit and well following his tenth place finish, Rup earned himself a five-star holiday, which he quickly customized to his exacting standards. The first two weeks went something like this: breakfast, attended by awestruck head girl Pippa Allan and working pupils Danielle Searson and Emy Burgaud, before being led out to his knee-high grass buffet.

A couple of hours in the field and Rupert would stand at the gate and ask to come in for lunch and a nap. After a snooze, Rupert would lean out over his stall guard and ask to go back out, which the girls were only too happy to accommodate. Sundown and Rupert would come back in, before being checked on multiple times before final night check and turn-down service.

Now that Rupert has relaxed and settled into his holiday, he has been turned away for a month with an ex-event horse enjoying a second career as a professional field companion and Rupert-minder.

While Rupert concentrates on eating grass, Rebecca is busy with her string of young event horses, including final cross country schooling and jump outings with the four-year-olds, Dream Wizard and Emoe Rocky Road as they get ready for the Championship at Osberton Horse Trials.

“January 2016 saw the start of a very focused year for Rupert and I – it felt like we were both quite committed to our game plan to get to the Olympics in Rio. Having said that, there was plenty to keep me busy with a yard move, a house move, expanding my business and taking on new competition rides, too. Rupert gave me the ride of my life cross country at Rio – he showed real grit and determination. To come back and showjump like he did proved what a class athlete he is. Enjoy your holiday Rupert, dressage training begins again January 2017!”, laughs Rebecca.