As An Owner

Horse Owners are the mainstay of any rider’s career. Owners can participate in an owner group sharing in both the costs and the rewards, or as an independent. Owner agreement are both detailed & individualized.

RHE welcomes any and all proposals for horse ownership and would work in conjunction with Equine Canada and the Canadian Eventing High Performance committee to ensure open communication and best possible owner experiences. Attendance at major events, owner course walks, coordinated accommodations, photographs & receptions and regular RHE newsletter updates add to the enjoyment of seeing your horse develop and compete.

Discussions are underway in the Canadian Eventing Community that may assist with the structure, administration and benefits of becoming a horse owner.

“The Owners Mantra”
We are in it for the horses, the potential of the big games
and our belief in RHE.
We are in it for the agony and the ecstasy of the sport.
We are in it for the ride.

Please Contact Rebecca directly with any interest or questions related to owning a horse for RHE.