As a Supporter

RHE appreciates and welcomes all manners of support, whether they come in the form of a tweet, like, email, or take the shape of organizing a clinic or donating a product or service. It takes a village to make equestrian goals become reality, and no support of RHE goes unnoticed!

Special Thanks to the following RHE contributors:
Jacky Green

Jacky continues to offer invaluable support to Rebecca – helping RHE navigate the intricacies of British event life – as well as providing the all-important basics such as food & lodging.  Any transition to the UK would have been a great deal more difficult without Jacky.  Thank you!


Jim & Bernadette Cogdell


Jim and Bernadette have played a key role in Rebecca’s career and time in the USA. Close to 6 years spent at the Fork, plus all the Dunlavin adventures prior to that – add up to a lot of gratitude from RHE.

The Robinson Family

Mari, Scott, Brooke & Julia – who functioned as home & family for me, throughout much of my Virginia chapter, and loved BWD as much as I did.


Rebecca is also compelled to acknowledge the support and energy that is so frequently directed her way by so many “back home” and throughout the eventing world. The likes of Horse Trials BC, Nick & Ali Holmes-Smith, David & Rosemary Holmes-Smith, Jacquie & Bob Peters, and Lynn & Jens Larsen, have been tireless in their support of the goals of BC riders striving for excellence. Rebecca personally has a great deal to thank them for.

D’arcy & Linda McLeod

A special thank you to D’arcy & Linda McLeod of Salmon Arm, BC who have been long time supporters of RHE. Thank you for all the countless volunteer hours put into RHE’s electronic and www needs. Mucho Hugs from RebWeb.
…….bummer about the haircut.