Days at the office

By Jacky Green Equestrian Media

After the glamour of Badminton getting back to competing young horses is always a great way to make you realize it is a hell of a long journey from the baby stuff to 4 star!

With Rupert not set to come back out til mid June Rebecca has been picking up rides and getting back to basics.  Mister Tea had a novice run at Pontispool and despite spending three quarters of the day waiting for his start time went really well and with his double clear round a testing showjumping and cross country upgraded to Intermediate.  Caroline Powell has kindly left the ride with Rebecca as the plan is for Mister Tea to run some intermediate events and find a nice new owner….contact Rebecca for more details!

With Tim and Jonelle racing off to three day events left right and centre it has been busy at the barn.  A new recruit showed up for three days and then waited until Tim and Jonelle departed for Tatterstalls before announcing her resignation!  Some people just don’t have what it takes to work with horses so that was a particularly frenetic week after that!

Rory is Rebecca’s young horse who was bought from Richard Sheane in Ireland this past winter after having basically just been backed.  His plan is to contest some unaffiliated competitions, find his feet in the baby event world, travel to a few events (if there is ever a space on the lorry!) and spend the first half of his 5 year old year getting some worldly knowledge.  Hopefully he should be rocking round some BE 100’s come August and follow in Rupert’s illustrious footprints in the future.

Last weekend saw Rebecca competing at Mattingley with three rides:  Christina Knudson’s lovely Watervalley Lockey Guy who is delightfully easy and finished runner up in his novice section, Mister Tea in his last novice start for 7th and the latest addition to Rebecca’s string, Confidential.  Confidential is known as Joey at home and has a rather chequered past and a few firm opinions about life.  It would appear that Joey was a little reluctant to embrace the sport of eventing but he had reckoned without one very determined jockey that left him in no doubt that the only way was forwards!  They completed their first event without troubling the leaders and no doubt Joey will be back out pretty soon!